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Like most great ideas, Greenies® started with a problem. And that problem was bad breath. More specifically, Ivan's bad breath. Ivan was like a lot of dogs. He was getting older. His teeth had plaque and tartar. And the resulting gingivitis was making his breath downright unpleasant. Greenies is a creative and vibrant team of pet owners and pet lovers, driven by a deep sense of commitment to each other, the people they touch and the pets they all adore. They believe they've been entrusted with more than simply the care of animals. People look to them for products that make their relationships with their dog or cat more satisfying. And they are passionate in theor pursuit of naturally effective solutions that provide the best in oral care, nutrition and enjoyment for all pets. Each life they touch is honored with the highest level of honesty, integrity and respect. Because at the end of the day, they believe creating caring relationships is more important than any business success they may achieve.

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