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Vital Yew Tincture by TriMedica

1 oz Liquid

Vital Yew Tincture

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Vital Yew Tincture is made from wild, Montanan Yew tree needle tips, (Taxus brevifolia) and prepared with no artificial ingredients. It promotes strong, natural support to the body's immune system to improve and enhance good health.

Vital Yew provides the highest quality, whole Yew plant for the first time ever for home use.

With a long history of therapeutic use among Native Americans, the Pacific Yew tree of the American Northwest was forgotten with the advent of modern medicines in the early 20th Century. But recently, for the first time in decades, the story of this extraordinary tree has again come to light. Known by Native Americans as Chief of the Forest, medical literature shows that the powerful Pacific Yew tree has been intensively used and analyzed for its remarkable benefits for cellular health, and has also been historically utilized in its natural form as an immune booster, as a salve for cuts, scrapes and skin irritations and more.

TriMedica's Vital Yew is the first all-natural Pacific YEW product line made from the wild crafted, renewable, high-quality Pacific YEW needles and natural ingredients. VitalYew provides incredible support for the immune system, lungs, sinuses, breathing, cellular function and more.


Grain Alcohol 50%, Wildcrafted Montana Yew Tips (taxus brevifolia), Herb Strength: 1:2 Fresh

Suggested Usage

Add 10 to 20 drops to warm water. Take up to 3 times a day.

Cautions: Product should not be used during pregnancy.

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