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Salba Ground Seed (Milled) by Salba Retail: $18.99
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Salba® - Nature's Perfect Whole Food™

For the past 15 years, the visionaries behind Salba have been perfecting the balance of science and agriculture necessary to produce Nature's Perfect Whole Food. Here are just a few of the things that make Salba special:

  • Salba is farmed in the planet's most optimal climate for the crop: the desert coast of Peru.
  • Salba is germinated using a drip irrigation system, ensuring an even dispersal of water over the entirety of the crop, just as the ancients did.
  • Salba is an heirloom crop, which means that only the most nutrient dense seeds are harvested and re-planted to continually yield the most nutrient dense whole food on the planet. Soil is rigorously tested to find the most ideal locations for the next harvest.
  • Salba is harvested at full maturity, guaranteeing the seeds contain the highest density of nutrients. Other purveyors of ancient grains will harvest early to produce more crop (and make more money). That's not Salba's style.
  • Salba is the subject of numerous clinical studies that guarantee its efficacy.
  • Salba is the only ancient grain that holds a medical patent.

    Salba Ground Seed (Milled), 8.8 oz., by Salba

    Retail: $18.99 Our Price!: $13.93 , 2 for $27.13, 6 for $76.29
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